Dietitians Jennifer Ferguson and Margaret Young

Co-owners of Kitchen Table Nutrition Communications.

Read their stories to see the wealth of nutrition expertise they bring to the table.

Jennifer Ferguson, RD

Meet Jenn

I am a passionate culinary dietitian, with a direct connection to and love of agriculture. I grew up on a hog and crop hobby farm and married into a dairy family. My husband and I raised our two sons on a small rural property where we grow meat birds and hogs for personal use. I am an avid vegetable and flower gardener and enjoy planting, harvesting and experimenting with the foods we grow. I love to cook and share food with loved ones and friends. One of my greatest accomplishments is that both my kids know and appreciate where their food comes from, and they both know their way around a kitchen.

Our kitchen is my favourite room and our kitchen table is one of my most treasured possessions. Our wedding gift to each other 25 years ago has been host to countless friends and hundreds of meals, celebrations, laughs, sorrows, conversations, debates and ideas. So it seems fitting that the next chapter in my life starts at and is based on our kitchen table.

The best part of being a dietitian is combining my love of nutrition and passion for food to create real life messages that encourage people to eat and enjoy good food. My goal is to show people that eating well is simple, easy, delicious and looks different for everyone. Eating the “right” way is different for everyone. I want to help you find the way that works for you.

Jennifer Ferguson Registered Dietitian

Margaret Young, RD


Meet Margaret

I am a Maritimer through and through. I grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick and during the summers visited my maternal grandparents’ cottage on the Saint John River and my paternal grandparents’ home on the south shore of Nova Scotia. I went to university and began my career in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My son and daughter were both born in Miramichi, New Brunswick where my husband and I worked for many years. Now home is beautiful Kensington, Prince Edward Island. These three dynamic provinces have a hold on my heart, and I have never wanted to live anywhere else. 

My love for the Maritimes and my love of food go hand in hand. From fresh seafood and local berries to roadside dairy bars and beach picnics, food is part of everything we do in this part of the world. There is something especially timeless, comforting and satisfying about spending time in my kitchen, trying new recipes and making old favourites for my family.

My passion for food and nutrition came well before my decision to become a dietitian. I was about eight years old when I learned about the (now outdated) four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide. I started making elaborate bedtime snacks containing foods from each food group, all the while narrating my choices and pretending I had my own cooking show. Fast forward about twenty years and I was teaching cooking classes with chefs…sometimes childhood fantasies really do come true!

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or follow strict rules (and in fact, it shouldn’t!). To me, healthy eating means nourishing your body and mind with foods that taste delicious and make you happy. My job is to make that just a little easier.

Margaret Young, RD