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Explanation of Proposed Front of Package Labelling

June 2022

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage about Health Canada’s proposed Front of Package Nutrition labeling program.  

We dug into the details to clarify “what’s the beef with beef” and find the rationale behind this program.

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Updated to include exemptions announced June 30, 2022 for ground meat.

Hot Topic Summary: Front of Package Labelling
A preview of what you need to know to answer questions about Health Canada’s proposed Front of Package Nutrition Symbol program.




Applying Canada’s Dietary Guidelines:

A summary of Health Canada’s webpages

We condensed the 8 webpages into 1 document. We have arranged the information in chart form for an at a glance reference.

Full document is available for purchase for $20.00

Canada's Food Guide Snapshot


Applying Canada's Dietary Guidelines Summary Document

Another phase of the Healthy Eating Strategy has come with the release of “Applying the Guidelines”. This on-line collection of information supports professionals and policy makers.